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Written by Mary McDonald   


 The 2012 Primary Election, that some Republican feared would never come, is over at last, and, locally, most winners can now prepare for the November elections. 

  Republican candidate Chief Deputy Sheriff Don Anderson, with 1,324 votes over Bill Madding’s 394 votes and Tommy Page’s 391 votes will face Democratic candidate County Constable Ken Session who received 604 votes.

  In the Constable Precinct 3 race, Democrat Pam Brackens, with more than 75% of the vote over challenger Aaron Reed, will go up against Republican Diana Smart Willis who squeaked by opponent L.J. McAdams by 36 votes.

  One vote stands between Republican Roger Brooke(245) and Michael Carter (244).  The democratic challenger is Kelly Craig.

  Republican Monte Doty will challenge Democrat incumbent Lynn Clary in November.

  Failing to secure 50% of the vote, Democrat Keith Brackens, with 127 votes over challengers Michael Daniels 125, Marcus Pfeifer 101, and Czar Perry, Jr. 65, will be in a run-off race on July 31st against Michael Daniels for County Commissioner Precinct 3.

  The eventual winner will oppose Republican Bodie Emmons, who solidly defeated challenger Jan Fielden by 76%

  As goes Freestone County so goes the rest of the State and or District, well almost.

  In the Republican Race for State Representative District 8, Bryon Cookgarnered 1,322 (64%) Freestone County votes to Bobby Vickery’s 713 (36%).  District wide the percentages are comparable with Cook 61% to Vickery’s 39%

  Bryon Cook’s Democratic challenger is Charles Morgan.

  For State Senator District 5, Freestone County Republicans put their confidence in Charles Schwertnerwith 958 votes to Ben Bius’ 776 votes.  District wide the numbers were 32,725 for Schwertner to 12,460 for Bius.  There is no Democratic challenger.

  In the race for State Board of Education, District 10, a Republican run-off will occur between incumbent Tom Maynard and Rebecca Osborne.  In Freestone County Maynard received 748; Osborne garnered 712 with Jeff Fleece receiving 215.  The almost even split prevailed Statewide with Maynard receiving 42.87% to Osborne’s 41.87%

  The winner will face-off against Democrat Judy Jennings.

  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a clear winner for the US Senator seat, vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson, so both will hold run-off elections.

  In Freestone County, Republicans voted as follows: David Dewhurst 857, Ted Cruz 625, and Tom Leppert 329 with all others 174.  The State followed suit.  Dewhurst and Cruz will meet on July 31st.

  Democrats in Freestone County split 90% of their votes almost evenly between Paul Sadler, Addie Dainell Allen, and Grady Yarborough with 10% to Sean Hubbard.  In the State tallies, Paul Sadler received the most votes -172,074 and will face Grady Yarbroughwith 126,107 in the runoff.   Addie Dainell Allen received 112,367 and Sean Hubbard got 78,748.

  Democrat Dale Henry will face either Republican challenger Christi Craddick (36% State vote) or Warren Chisum(27% State vote) in the November election for Railroad Commissioner.  In Freestone County, Craddick received 548 votes, Chisum 445, Becky Berger 301, Joe Cotton 245, Roland Sledge 164, and Beryl Burgess 61. 

  There is no Democratic challenger for Railroad Commissioner Unexpired Term.  However, Republicans will have to decide in the runoff for Barry Smitherman with 44% of State votes and Greg Parkerwith 28%.  Freestone voted as follows:  Smitherman 615, Elizabeth Murray-Kolb 495, Parker 475, and Al Lee 108.

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4, will see a Republican run-off between David Medina (39%) and John Devine.  In Freestone County Joe Pool, Jr. came in first with 666 votes, Medina 622, and Devine 400. 

  With no Democrat running, Bill Floresis the clear winner of US Representative District 17.  Flores garnered 1,378 Freestone County votes and 40,913 State; whereas, George W. Hindman got 480 Freestone County votes and 8,628 State.

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2 finds Republican Don Willetthe winner over Steve Smith with no Democratic challenger.  Freestone County 1,096 and 51 % Statewide for Willet and Smith 645 in Freestone County with 43% State.

 Tom Graywill retain his Chief Justice, 10th Court of Appeals with 52% Statewide votes.  However, Freestone County favored Steve Smith 918 votes to Gray’s 754.  There is no Democratic opponent.

  Democrat Michele Pettywill face Republican Nathan Hecht in November for Justice, Supreme Court Place 6. 

  Republican Sharon Keller will face Democrat Keith Hampton for Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals in November.

   Unopposed in the Primary were:  Constable Precinct 1 - Buck Bonner (D), Commissioner Precinct 1 -Luke Ward, Sr. (R), District Judge 77th Judicial – Patrick “Pat” Simmons (R), County Attorney – Chris E. Martin (R), Judge Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7 - Barbara Parker Hervey (R), and Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals – Elsa Alcala.

  Texas Republicans’ 105 delegates, set the stage for Mitt Romney to run against Barack Obama for President in November.


  Local election results at a glance are as follows:


Republicans cast 2,275 votes:


  County Sheriff:  Don Anderson 1,324 - Tommy Page 391 -  Bill Madding 394

  Constable Precinct 2:  Monte Doty 260 

  Constable Precinct 3: Diana Smart Willis 251 -  L.J. McAdams 227

  Constable Precinct 4: Roger S. Brooke 245 - Michael Carter 244

  County Commissioner Precinct 1:  Luke Ward, Sr. 598

  County Commissioner Precinct 3: Bodie Emmons 355 - Jan Fielden 111

  County Tax Assessor Collector:  Lisa Stephenson Foree 1,758


  County Republican Chairman:  Doug Sanford 1,616

  County Attorney:  Chris Martin 1,671

  77thDistrict Judge:  Patrick “Pat” Simmons 1,640

  State Representative District 8:  Bryon Cook 1,322 -  Bobby Vickery 713

  State Senator, District 5: Charles Schwertner 958 – Ben Bius 776

  Member, State Board of Education District 10: – Tom Maynard 748 - Rebecca Osborne 712 - Jeff Fleece 215

  Chief Justice, 10th Court of Appeals: Steve Smith 918 – Tom Gray 754

  Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8:  Elsa Alcala 1,363

  Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 7:  Barbara Parker Hervey 1,413

  Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals:  Sharon Keller 1,437

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6:  Nathan Hecht 1,435

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4: Joe Pool, Jr. - David Medina – John Devine – 40

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2: Don Willett 1,096 – Steve Smith 645

  Railroad Commissioner:  Christi Craddick 548 – Warren Chisum 445 – Joe Cotton 245 – Becky Berger 301 – Roland Sledge 164 – Beryl Burgess - 61

  Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term:  Barry Smitherman

  U.S. Representative – District 17:  Bill Flores 1,378 – George W. Hindman 480 

  U.S. Senator:  Ben Gambini 9 – Joe Agris 9 – Curt Cleaver 11 – Glenn Addison 24 – Lela Pittenger 118 – Craig James 121 – Tom Leppert 329 – Ted Cruz 625 – David Dewhurst 857

  U.S. President:  Jon Huntsman 6 – John Davis 7 – Charles “Buddy” Roemer 7 – Michele Bachmann 12 – Uncommitted 78 – Newt Gingrich 92 – Rick Santorum 155 – Ron Paul 212 – Mitt Romney 1,649


Republican Resolutions

  School Choice:  1,848 Yes – 278 No

  Repealing Obamacare:  2,044 Yes – 113 No

  Public Prayer:  2,045 Yes – 154 No

  Balanced Budget:  2,063 Yes – 68 No

  Redistricting:  1,525 Yes – 454 No



Democrats cast 771 votes:

  County Sheriff:  Ken Sessions 604


  Constable Precinct 1: Buck Bonner 95


  Constable Precinct 2:  Lynn Clary 77

  Constable Precinct 3:  Pam Brackens 294 - Aaron Reed 93

  Constable Precinct 4:  Kelly Craig 93

  County Commissioner Precinct 3:  Keith Brackens 127 - Michael Daniels 125 - Marcus Pfeifer 101 - Czar Perry 65.

  County Democratic Chairman:  Opal Oliver 475

  State Representative District 8:  Charles Morgan 430

  Member, State Board of Education District 10:  Judy Jennings 471

  Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals:  Keith Hampton 457

  Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6:  Michele Petty 483

  Railroad Commissioner:  Dale Henry 500


  U.S. Senator:  Addie Dainell Allen 163 – Paul Sadler 163 – Grady Yarbrough 162 – Sean Hubbard 58

  U.S. President:  Bob Ely 23 – Darcy G. Richardson 36 – John Wolfe 58 – Barack Obama 516

Democratic Propositions

  No. 1 (In-state tuition):  524 Yes - 148 No

  No. 2 (Casino Gambling):  559 Yes – 95 No

  No. 3 (College Tuition):  442 Yes – 226 No