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Written by Megan Hempel   
banner_larson_moore_arrested Larson Edwin Moore III is charged with Capital Murder following a gruesome discovery that has rocked Freestone County…









Freestone County residents may sleep more soundly knowing that a murder suspect is now in custody.
Larson Edwin Moore III, 23, is currently being held in Limestone County Jail, charged with the capital murder of sixty-six year old Marjorie Pevehouse.
At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 9th, Moore was arrested and booked into the Freestone County Jail following an unrelated altercation. As a result, Moore was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, resisting arrest Class C assault and a motion to revoke probation on a previous possession of marijuana charge.
On Tuesday, February 11th, a warrant for Capital Murder was issued following an evidentiary meeting between the Teague Police Department, Freestone County Sheriff’s Department, Texas Rangers and Freestone County District Attorney Chris Martin.
According to the sworn warrant affidavit, filed by Texas Ranger James Burson, Jr. and signed by Justice of the Peace - Precinct 1 Theresa Farris, at approximately 1:00 a.m. Sunday, February 9th, Moore woke up his uncle, Charles Wright, at his residence on Barbara Drive, which is a neighboring residence to Pevehouse’s home on Robbie Lane.
Wright told authorities that Moore’s hands were swollen and he had what appeared to be dried blood on his hands and blood spatter on his face. Moore attacked Wright, who was able to force Moore out of his residence. Police later caught up with Moore and arrested him for the assault on Wright.
On Sunday, February 9th around 6 p.m., Teague Police Officer Matt Foree responded to 102 Robbie Lane on a report of a woman lying on the floor. Officer Foree observed the front door open and discovered the body of Marjorie Pevehouse slumped on the floor, partially against the edge of the front door and the wall.
Pevehouse had sustained multiple wounds to her torso and head from what appeared to be an edged weapon. Lying on the floor next to Pevehouse was a knife with what appeared to have blood on it.
Other stains of what also appeared to be blood were observed on the floor, walls, and furniture, and a muddy shoe print with a distinctive pattern was found on the front door.
“It was a pretty gruesome scene we walked into,” stated Teague’s Chief of Police Dennis Cox in a televised interview last week with KWTX Channel 10. “In the seven years I’ve been Chief here, this is probably the most major crime we’ve seen.”
According to Chief Cox, Moore’s mother, Diana Moore, was close friends with the victim and found the victim’s body.
Ms. Moore told News 10 off camera that Pevehouse was renting a house. Moore was going there that day for coffee when she made the shocking discovery.
Moore added that her son, who was on probation, has a history of mental illness, and produced a bottle of Resperidone, a drug used to treat schizophrenia, which had been prescribed to Larson Moore.
According to the news report, Ms. Moore said that her son loved Pevehouse and that she was devastated by her death.
Ranger Burson and Freestone County Sheriff’s Investigator Clayton Aldrich interviewed Moore as a suspect in the early morning hours of Monday, February 10th. Moore stated that he could not remember what happened, however, he was able to recall what happened for most of the day and at Wright’s residence.
When confronted with the shoe print on the door, which appeared to have an identical pattern to the shoes Moore was wearing at the time of his arrest, Moore never denied the shoe print on the door was his, nor did he deny kicking in the door to Pevehouse’s residence. Moore refused to speak and ended the interview when directly confronted about Pevehouse.
Moore was interviewed again on the evening of February 10th at which time he confessed to kicking in the door and entering the residence. Moore stated that he heard Pevehouse scream and saw an unidentified person fleeing the scene. Moore could not provide a description of clothing or physical appearance or any other information, other than “someone” ran out the front door, closing it behind them as they went.
Moore claimed that he then kicked in the door and saw Pevehouse covered in blood. He stated that he “walked” to his uncle, Charles Wright’s house and woke him up, asking for a gun.
When Moore was asked by investigators to explain why he had blood on his hands and blood spatter on his face prior to assaulting Wright, and later during in an altercation with police, Moore once again ended the interview.
According to the affidavit filed with JP Farris, Moore’s clothing from the early morning of February 9th, had what appeared to be blood spatter and transference on the pants and shirt.
Corporal Aaron Reed of the Teague Police Department was given paper that Moore wrote on at Wright’s house, with what appeared to be blood on it. Wright stated that Moore began writing on the paper when Wright wrote on the top “Why are you writing this?”
Moore’s writing stated “I don’t know how to say this take cloths I killed her signed trey.”
While in custody, Moore was served an arrest warrant for Capital Murder for the alleged homicide of Marjorie Pevehouse. He was later transferred to Limestone County Jail where he will remain in custody in lieu of bonds totaling $1,041,500.
The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Waco crime lab was called in to process the scene and the body has been sent to Dallas for autopsy, the results of which are still pending.
According to a press release from Teague Chief of Police Dennis Cox, authorities are continuing investigation into this case.