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Written by B. Evans   

Dear Editor,

  I have heard many rumors around town of late that the City Administrator of Teague, Mr. Vince DiMaggio is under investigation for bribery by the FBI. Is this a true story or just another rumor?

  Question, did our city council know he was under investigation when they hired him? Did he tell them he was under investigation? I have no idea if he has done anything wrong or not and I firmly believe you are innocent till proven guilty.

  That being said, was this information disclosed during the hiring process? If this was not disclosed, its grounds for termination. If it was disclosed, its grounds to recall our elected officials.  None of this was made known to the citizens of Teague.

  I have seen some of the news articles and they all seem to be dated around April of 2011.  According to the story in California, He is accused of bribing a City Council member for a favorable ruling on a housing project. According to one of the articles, Mr. DiMaggio left the “partnership” that was bidding on the project so that they could go forward without him. I am not sure if they got the project or not.

  Mr. DiMaggio was hired by our city council in July of 2011, just a few short months after his troubles in California.

B. Evans

Teague Texas