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Written by Mary McDonald   
banner_ff_market_days_meeting Trade Days will return to the City of Fairfield, with the assistance of these community members, under a new name…







The Fairfield Market Days Planning Committee (pictured below), under the direction of Liz Thornton – Community Development Director, held its first meeting at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 10th to discuss the reopening of Trades Day at W.L. Moody Reunion Fairgrounds, 839 E. Commerce Street, Fairfield, Texas.

For many years, Trades Days were held on the 4th weekend of each month. However, it has not been in operation for over a year.

When it starts back on March 22nd – 24th, it will have a new name, "Fairfield Market Days," and attractive changes.

In addition to craft booths, fresh produce will now be sold. "How To" classes will be held, and entertainment will be added. There will also be activities for kids.

An "Herb Festival," directed by Opal Oliver, is being planned for April.

Market Days is expected to stimulate economic activity by attracting many vendors and attendees. It will highlight Fairfield and expose visitors to the City’s existing shops, galleries, restaurants, and services.

Citizens will be encouraged to participate in this community event. Organizers hope it will bring people together and strengthen the fabric of the community.

Adding a Farmer’s Market area will make fresh produce available to residents.

Rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to. Costs are expected to be $25/weekend or $10/day. Electricity will be $5.00/day. Camper parking will be available at $10.00/day.

Look for advertisements on radio and in the newspapers to learn what will be the featured event each month.