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Written by Mary McDonald   


Teague has made it official – Vince DiMaggio (pictured above) has been hired as the new City Administrator. 
  DiMaggio discovered the position on the Texas Municipal League website, which was vacated on May 26th.
  Mr. DiMaggio, who hails from California, brings to the position equal experience in the private and public sector, having eleven years experience in each.
  A real estate developer, DiMaggio was the Vice President of Creek Bridge Homes for many years and, most recently, owned his own company.
  Publically, he has held several City positions.
  The combination could provide an opportunity to strengthen Teague’s economy, while ensuring that the opportunities presented for growth best fit the City’s needs. DiMaggio plans to take a progressive approach to growing Teague.
  The “Times” caught up with the new City Administrator on his first official day in his new position.  However, he appears to have already begun developing ideas for City Hall.  He plans to bring professionalism to the position and give structure to the office.
  DiMaggio wants to do some reorganizing in the staffing levels to provide the highest quality at City Hall by reclassifying existing positions, as necessary, so everyone works in their area of expertise.
  “If the City wants the ‘status quo,’ that’s not me,” DiMaggio indicated.
  DiMaggio has both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Public Administration.
  Currently, DiMaggio is seeking housing here for himself and two children, 15 year old, Vince, Jr. and Matteo, who is 11.
  Vince Jr. played a big part in the decision to accept the position in Texas.  He is into baseball and knows there are many good programs in Texas with which to get involved.
  “Everyone has been so friendly, greeting me in the local grocery store and even coming by City Hall to wish me well.  Teague is a very welcoming place,” DiMaggio stated.
  “I will do my best to implement my expertise to make Teague as good a place as I can make it,” he promised.