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Written by Nicole Schaefer   



INTRODUCING THEIR NEW MASCOT ‘Cupcake’ the Horned Toad at Something Different in Fairfield are (l-r) Rhiannon Bragg, Susan Ferguson, Sandra Bragg (owner), Felicia Thompson, Kallista Whiteside, and little Aiden Whiteside (Sandra’s nephew). (Photos by Nicole Schaefer)


something_different_cake_bomb_011817Something Different restaurant in Fairfield recently made several updates and upgrades, giving the eatery a fresh look.
Over New Year’s weekend, business was closed for three days while owners and employees repainted both inside and out of the building, added new light fixture in the women’s restroom, updated outdoor lighting, and other miscellaneous updates.
According to owner Sandra Bragg, the popular restaurant that originally opened in the late 80s, had not seen a new coat of paint since 1994.
Since taking over the business last year, Sandra, and husband Robert, have also updated most kitchen equipment, including a new oven and grill.
Next on their list of ‘To-Dos’ is to replace vanities in the restrooms, update the tables and booths, add barstools to the counter, update the decor to include Freestone County history, and get new landscaping.
On their list of ‘maybes’ are possible outdoor seating on the east end of the building (closest to Hwy 84), new signage, and a mural to cover the back side of the building.
Other changes you may have noticed is an ever expanding array of baked goods. If you want ‘just a bite’ of dessert following your meal, one you can eat on the go, they now have Lemon Rosemary, Mango Peach Tea, and Chocolate cake bombs to go along with a selection of cupcakes, cakes, and pies.
“We love to just experiment and try new things,” says Rhiannon Bragg. “The stranger, the better. It’s so much fun!”
The crew is also currently trying new menu items. Up for grabs these days are their Philly Cheesesteak Nachos.
In addition, they occasionally bring back old menu items to see if customers like them enough to add to the current menu. Right now, you can order up the Spinach Salad.
Lastly, the restaurant has introduced their new mascot ‘Cupcake’ which is a Horned Toad. She can be seen lounging on top of the cupcake display near the cash register. Luckily for customers, Cupcake is not a real Horned Toad, but made of metal. The Braggs have plans to use Cupcake’s image on all new logos and in the mural they hope to have painted onto the building.
Smiling faces you can find at the restaurant are Sandra Bragg, Rhiannon Bragg, Susan Ferguson, Amanda Symank, Felicia Thompson, and Kallista Whiteside.
Something Different is located at 690 US 84 in Fairfield. They can be reached by calling 903-389-3022; and they also can be found on Facebook at