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Written by Mary McDonald   

Commissioners certified that there are 642 miles of roads within the County during the regular Freestone County Commissioners Court on April 1, 2013. The number sets the "lateral road" mones that will be allocated by the state. The amount last year, according to Treasurer Kay Taylor, was $5,500.

As discussed at a prior meeting, the Court has asked the Audit Department to go out for bid on employee health insurance.

Currently Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas under TAK is the healthcare provider. Of major concern is the fact that ETMC Fairfield Emergency room doctors can "balance" bill charges, that is, whatever the insurance does not pay, the insured individual is liable for.

The matter is being addressed with ETMC personnel in charge of the emergency room doctors, but nothing has been finalized.

However, the bid request will not include verbiage that "balance" billing cannot be done, as Auditor Donna Williams indicated the number of bids would be small or none existent.

Auditor Williams reported that the County would save $19,500 if they decide to act as their own medical insurance agent.

Judge Linda Grant responded that the matter will be taken up during 2013 -2014 budget meetings.

The City of Teague, Teague ISD, City of Fairfield, and City of Wortham/Wortham ISD will again utilized equipment leased from the County for the May 11, 2013 election.

County Clerk Linda Jarvis reported that the contract has not changed from prior years. She further stated that there have been no adverse situations with the rental equipment that has been leased in the past.

Commissioner Precinct 4, Clyde Ridge, has a lot of scrap metal that is accumulating at his barn. He asked what could be done to remove it.

Auditor Williams advised that he should bring an inventory of it to Commissioners Court. The decision would then be made as to how to dispose of it.

Williams said it is believed that there is only one scrape yard in Freestone County, so the matter would not have to go out for bid. However, there could be some insurance concerns when the metal is transported.

Since Senior Services Director Kathy Earley is certified to be a Triple A trainer, she will be able to secure $500 for the County for each 9-week, evidence based program she conducts, as long as 4 individuals attend.

The program that was set for tomorrow, April 2nd has been rescheduled for April 16th.

With all authorized signers in the Sheriff’s office unavailable last week to approve a few pending Purchase Orders, Katherine Jackson asked the Court to approve these. However, members of the Sheriff’s office were in attendance at Commissioners Court and signed off on these. All bills were then approved for payment.

The minutes of the March 18, 2013 meeting, a report from the Extension Office, budget amendments and an education certificate for Craig Oakes were approved. The payroll was reviewed.

Court entered into Executive Session at 9:53 a.m. for "Personnel Matters." No action was taken following the session.

In visitor comments, County Attorney Chris Martin assured the Court that his office would not be intimidated by what has happened in Kaufman County, Texas. Over the weekend, Kaufman County attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found dead in their home. Additionally, the Assistant District Attorney, Mark Hasse, had been killed two months ago.

Mr. McLelland has ties with Freestone County as he was raised in Wortham, Texas, according to sources at Commissioners Court.

Sheriff Don Anderson stated that his office will do everything they can to protect the District Attorney and other in the DA’s office.